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Chess Engine Features

This page will be updated frequently to reflect my Chess GUI and Engine features.


Currently my Chess Engine is rather simple.  It lacks some of the more advanced techniques that would allow it to compete with more serious chess engines; however the raw building blocks of a chess engine and chess board are implemented allowing me to now concentrate on improving move evaluation, searching and ordering.


Chess Engine Features:

  • 6 Ply Depth Search on Medium Setting, 7 on Hard Setting
  • 1 Ply Extention in the End Game
  • Non Iterative Alpha Beta
  • Quiescence Search
  • Killer Move
  • Opening Book
  • Understanding on EnPassant Stalemate/3 Move Repetition/50 Move Rule
  • Move History in PGN format

User Interface:

  • Play As Black or White
  • Clocks
  • Save/Load Game
  • FEN Position Notation Input
  • Highlighting of Legal Moves and Last Move
  • Viewing and Saving Move History in PGN format

Currently in Development

  • Iterative Deepening Alpha Beta, which I am hoping to allow for better move ordering and for a ply 7 search within a reasonable amount of time.
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